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ThinPrep 5000 Autoloader System

The ThinPrep 5000 Autoloader system is a fully automated sample processor that can improve your lab’s workflow and reduce errors with even more hands-free processing. The ThinPrep 5000 Autoloader system allows loading of 1 to 160 samples with up to 8 hours of walkaway capability. It also features automatic slide etching. Like the ThinPrep T5000 processor, this system is approved to process ThinPrep Pap, Non-Gyn and UroCyte® samples.


The ThinPrep 5000 Autoloader system utilizes the latest ThinPrep technology to help you process samples more intuitively with less hands-on interaction. This instrument allows you to load up to 160 ThinPrep Pap, non-Gyn and UroCyte samples for up to 8 hours of walk-away processing in your laboratory.

In addition to expanding the on-board sample capacity available with other ThinPrep processors, the ThinPrep 5000 Autoloader system also features integrated slide etching, which reduces time spent manually applying slide labels and potential labeling errors.


The ThinPrep 5000 Autoloader system offers a number of key features designed to improve the workflow and precision in your laboratory.

Walkaway Capability:

  • FDA-approved for ThinPrep Pap test, Non-Gyn and UroCyte™ sample processing
  • Load up to 160 samples, 300 filters, and 300 blank slides at once for 8 hours of walkaway capability.
  • Refill consumables and vials as needed, at any time for continuous processing.
  • Mixed sample types can be loaded at the same time in separate racks and run within the same batch.
  • 8 output baths hold processed slides in stainer-compatible racks.*

*Adapters may be required for some models.

Reduced Hands-on Processes:

  • Automated decapping and recapping.
  • Slide barcode etching without the need for manual application of barcode labels on the slide .
  • Samples and filters loaded in trays, reducing touchpoints.

Enhanced Verification Processes:

  • Vial barcode is read and corresponding sample information (i.e., barcode, 7/7 OCR, ID#, etc.) is etched onto slide. Allows for a variety of data and layouts to be printed on slides.
  • Additional patient information from LIS can be etched onto slides.
  • Enhanced chain-of-custody verification reduces the possibility of errors.

Instrument Dimensions:

  • Width:  54”/137 cm
  • Height: 57”/145 cm
  • Depth:  28”/71 cm


  • Width: 63”/160 cm
  • Height: 75”/190 cm
  • Depth: 48”/122 cm


  • 810 lb/368 kg (approximate)

Operating Temperature:

  • 60-90°F /16-32°C

Operating Humidity:      

  • 20% - 80% RH non-condensing

Electrical Voltage:

  • 100/130 VAC at 2 amps
  • 220/240 VAC at 1 amp


  • 50-60 Hz


  • Maximum 240 watts


  • Type: CW CO2 infrared
  • Wavelength: 10,600 nm
  • Rated Power: 10 W max.

Input Capacity:

  • ThinPrep vials: 4 trays of 40 (160 total)
  • ThinPrep filters: 3 trays of 100 (300 total)
  • Blank ThinPrep slides: 3 cassettes of 100 (300 total)

Output Capacity

  • 8 alcohol baths of 20 slides each (160 total)

Vial Barcode Requirements

  • 1D/linear barcodes (Code 128, I2 of 5, Code 39, Code 93)
  • 2D barcodes (Data Matrix ECC 200)

Autoloader Slide Etching

  • Standard available fields: Vial ID, system name, laboratory name, date/time, linear barcode, 2D barcode, or imager compatible 7/7 OCR
  • Optional LIS data fields: Secondary ID, patient name and date of birth, other information

For additional details about supported barcode formats and slide label design, please contact your Hologic representative.