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ThinPrep 5000 Processor

Our ThinPrep 5000 processor, built on our proven ThinPrep technology, utilizes advanced automation to prepare samples with precision and efficiency. FDA-approved for ThinPrep® Pap, Non-Gyn and UroCyte® samples, the ThinPrep 5000 is a true walkaway processor. It significantly reduces the hands-on time and errors associated with manual specimen processing and allows you to better focus your labor resources. ThinPrep 5000 processor is an integral laboratory partner that can help streamline your day-to-day processes.


The ThinPrep 5000 processor delivers a fully automated slide preparation option for ThinPrep Pap test, Non-Gyn and UroCyte samples. Continuous, hands-free processing of up to 20 samples per batch allows up to 45 minutes of walkaway time.

For additional product information and availability outside of the U.S., please contact your local sales representative or distributor.


Built on the foundation of ThinPrep technology, the ThinPrep 5000 processor offers these key features:

Wide variety of processing options:

  • FDA-approved for ThinPrep Pap test, Non-Gyn and UroCyte® sample processing.
  • Carousel with a capacity to hold up to 20 vials, slides and filters.
  • Can run urgent samples at any time by pausing batch processing.

Walkaway automation:

  • Batch sizes of 1 to 20 samples allow for flexibility.
  • Easy to use, requiring minimal operator training.
  • Each batch of 20 samples processed in approximately 45 minutes.

Reduced laboratory errors:

  • Chain-of-custody verification checks vial and slide barcodes to reduce possibility of sample mix-up.
  • Simple, intuitive touch-screen interface provides real-time progress tracking and reporting

Streamlined overall workflow:

  • Automated vial decapping and recapping.
  • Carousels can be loaded at accessioning and are easily transported.
  • Slide racks allow for easy loading of stainers.

Instrument Dimensions:

  • Width    34”/86 cm
  • Height   22”/56 cm
  • Depth:  26”/66 cm


  • Width: 40”/102 cm
  • Height: 40”/102 cm
  • Depth: 36”/92 cm


  • 175 lb/80 kg (approximate)

Waste container:

  • Width                6”/15 cm
  • Height               17”/43 cm
  • Depth                6”/15 cm

Operating Temperature:

  • 60-90°F /16-32°C

Operating Humidity:      

  • 20% - 80% RH non-condensing

Electrical Voltage:

  • 100/130 VAC at 2 amps
  • 220/240 VAC at 1 amp


  • 47-63 Hz


  • Maximum 240 watts

Carousel capacity:

  • Up to 20 ThinPrep Pap, Non-Gyn, or UroCyte vials
  • Up to 20 slides
  • Up to 20 filters

Output Capacity:

  • 8 alcohol baths of 20 slides each

Vial/Slide Barcode Requirements:

  • 1D/linear barcodes (Code 128, I2 of 5, Code 39, Code 93)
  • 2D barcodes (Data Matrix ECC 200)

For additional details about supported barcode formats and slide label design, please contact your Hologic representative.